Land Resource Advisors, LLC

Land Resource Advisors, LLC specializes in Timber Land
Investment and Asset Management.

The principals of Land Resource Advisors have sponsored 
numerous Private Equity Offerings and are seasoned
professionals with a project history of over $1Billion in Real Estate Investments, Sales and Development.  Expertise includes Real Estate Development, Conservation Easements,
Wetland Banks, Biomass Fuel Plants, Land Fills, Rock Quarries and other specialty property types.

 Services Offered by Land Resource Advisors, LLC:
      Asset Management
  • Owner's Rep
  • Coordination of Timber Management
  • Leasing Management
  • Entitlement Coordination
  • Accounting and Bookeeping
  • Legal Coordination
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reporting

       Timberland Management

  • Replanting
  • Controlled Burns
  • Annual Site Review                   

     Timber Harvesting Coordination                                

  • Timber Harvest Maps
  • Bid Letters
  • Procure Bids
  • Contract and Exhibit preparation
  • Strategic Road Analysis                     
  • Flagging for roads and loading decks
  • Supervision of Logging
  • BMP (storm water) Monitoring
  • Streamside Management
  • Post Logging Management 


Brokerage Services Offered Through Grayson Properties, Inc

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Suite 255
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Office: 404-845-4085
Fax: 404-845-4084
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